The Productivity Trap

Most of my clients used to think this:

“If I get more productive, I will get unstuck and manage to do everything I want to!” 

They saw that I am pretty productive (I used to blog about productivity techniques and gave lectures and ran workshops on this topic) and that I am not stuck in my work life (I got some great job positions, started some businesses and got enough time and money to travel around the world and do my hobbies). 

It might seem logical that more productivity equals better work life. But this is only partially true. Productivity only works AFTER you get unstuck.

Being stuck means not moving forward for too long. How long is too long? That is subjective, but if you are stuck, you can feel it. It also means not doing something important that you should be doing. 

Getting more productive in this situation is like chasing your tail – you stay stuck, but you are chasing the tail faster – which only leads to more fatigue and being even more stuck. 

This is what I call the productivity trap. You cannot get out of the trap by being more productive. It is a vicious cycle…

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