Is an anti-vision what you need?

Do you feel like setting a big vision doesn’t motivate you, yet you are an ambitious motherfucker (like me :D) who wants to create your own destiny?

Try writing an ANTI-VISION!

If the vision is heaven, then the anti-vision is hell. This is how you do this exercise:

1. choose a point in the future. As a default, do an anti-vision for the next 12 months.

2. describe the worst possible version of your life that can happen. I don’t mean unlikely natural disasters or rare diseases, I mean a very negative future scenario that is probable and possible IF the things you don’t like about your life stay the same and even grow. Focus on the things that you directly control in your life.

3. When writing it, go in detail and include various aspects of your life – relationships, work, family, health, hobby, money, home, fitness. The point of this exercise is to imagine the negative future as clearly as possible. Don’t just write “I gained some weight” – be specific, how much?

4. Write the whole anti-vision in Present Tense as if it already happened. Don’t rush. One A4 page should be enough. There is an extra portion of magic in printed or hand-written anti-vision, but typing it in your device is better than no anti-vision.

Done? Good! Read it, imagine it, feel it! You should feel the pain and THAT will get your ass going!

A good anti-vision motivates you not because it is just bad, but because it is bad AND possible. The scarier and more possible combined, the better!

I regularly set visions and anti-visions. It works for me the best to know what I am aiming at AND also what I am scared of and want to avoid.

It also works for my coaching clients. Why does it work? Because we rarely think about the negative consequences of inaction and then we boil like the famous frog in that made-up story.

The thing is, seeing yourself “dead” if you stay in that pot suddenly makes you jump out even before the water is boiling (and you with it because it is already too late).

Set an anti-vision, read it regularly and let me know what do you think.